“Margaret Swimsuit” Chic, white, floral, minimal, monokini, sexy, elegant. These are some of the features for this amazing monokini from Vie Revee Resort Collection ’17. The only piece that you need to complete the perfect beach outfit is a white shirt. Buy it here. with passion, FA-SSION  


PIXIE BIKINI    LUNA BIKINI     VIXEN BIKINI     SEA SHELL   ATTENTION: THIS IS A POST ONLY FOR MERMAIDS Did you see the new bikini collection of wooks?  Wooks designed for the first time of its story ten new bikinis for mermaids. You can find every color and design of bikini which prefer […]


                     Still on a summer mood? Of courseeee ! Παρόλο που ο Άυγουστος φεύγει κάποιοι συνεχίζουν τις διακόπες τους και τα parties!!! Αυτό το καφτάνι είναι ιδανικό για ένα απογεύματινο beach party συνδιασμένο με ένα κόσμημα για τα μαλλιά από την Corpus Collection της Angelo di Spirito Rosa. So,are […]